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We'll talk about the Harvest in a minute, first we want to let you know our elves have been busy at the winery. Through December 18th, we are offering FREE GROUND SHIPPING on all Holiday Gift Sets and purchases of 6 or more bottles of wine.  As always, club members receive 20% off their wine purchases.  Thinking of gifting a club membership? We can help you with that too; it is the gift that keeps on giving.

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Now Let's Talk Harvest

  This year's harvest can aptly be referred to as the 2011 crush. Five out of five winemakers agree that they have not had a more challenging year for at least a decade.  In fact, the only years that were claimed to be more difficult were 1989 and 1972.  But let's step back; we're getting ahead of ourselves.

We crept out of winter with bud break about two weeks behind normal.  Rains in May and June not only slowed vine growth but thinned crops in some vineyards by physically knocking flowers off vines.  Luckily, being cooler in Yorkville, our flowers came out only after the rains had passed.  This cool, rainy weather gave way to cool dry weather which persisted throughout the summer.  In fact, not a single month during the growing season was above average leading to absolutely ideal ripening conditions. When this happens flavor development outpaces sugar development leading to great depth of character at lower alcohols in the finished wines.  On the other hand, a long and cool season also brings with it the threat of rain during harvest.

By the first week in October we had only picked half our Cabernet, Rosé, Chardonnay and one block of Syrah when a partially forecast series of storms dumped six inches of rain.  Rain does not, as most people believe, immediately destroy fruit but instead further slows fruit ripening and greatly increases the chance of mold (particularly in tightly bunched varieties).  Luckily, the next two weeks were dry and sunny and it is estimated that two months worth of fruit was picked in a two week period.

We can safely say that was the most challenging harvest we have ever had at Meyer Cellars. However, when the dust settled we were pretty proud of our effort.  One more week of sun in that cool summer and this would have easily been the vintage of the century.  Although the rains did hasten the final picks we feel this could still be one of our best years yet.  You'll be able to try our first example from this vintage when our 2011 Rosé will be released on April 1st (or will it).

We wish you all the best this holiday season,

From our family to yours,

The Meyers

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